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R 409A Refrigerante

R 409A is an HCFC - based refrigerant, is a cost - effective retrofit refrigerant for R 12 stationary positive displacement air conditioning and refrigeration systems such as walk - in coolers, beverage dispensers, vending machines, and supermarket systems. Nooil change is needed in many unitary and close - coupled systems.



  >  R 12



  >  Medium and low temperature positive displacement equipment in supermarket systems and walk - in cooler.






    Property     Value
    ASHRAE #     R 409A
    ODP     0
    GWP     1909
    Molecular weight     97.45
    Boiling point     - 34 °C
    Critical temperature     107 °C
    Critical pressure     4.50 Mpa
    Pureza     ≥ 99.9 %
    Humedad     ≤ 10 PPm
    Acidez     ≤ 1 MMp
    Residuo de evaporación     ≤ 100 PPm


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