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R 407C Refrigerant

R 407C is an HFC refrigerant replacement for R 22 in positive displacement systems such as new or existing residential and commercial air conditioners and heat pumps.

R 407C offers similar performance to R 22 and can be used to retrofit existing R 22 air conditioning systems. It can also be used to replace R 502 for some existing medium temperature applications with evaporator temperatures above + 20 °F (- 7 °C).




  >  R 22



  >   Residential and commercial air conditioners, heat pumps.

  >   Existing medium temperature applications.




Physical Properties


    Property     Value
    ASHRAE #     R 407C
    ODP     0
    GWP    1700
    Molecular Weight     86.2
    Boiling Point     - 43.8 °C
    Critical Temperature     87.3 °C
    Critical Pressure     4.63 Mpa
    Purity     ≥ 99.9 %
    Moisture     ≤ 10 PPm
    Acidity     ≤ 1 MMp
    Vapor Residue     ≤ 100 PPm


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