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R 407F Refrigerant

R 407F is a blend of HFC refrigerants designed to replace R 22, R 404A and R 507. Use for low and medium temperature commercial refrigeration, plug ins, and vending applications.



  >  R 22, R 404A



  >   Low and medium temperature commercial refrigeration application such as supermarket freezer cases display cases, transport refrigeration and ice machines.




Physical Properties


    Property     Value
    ASHRAE #     R 407F
    ODP     0
    GWP     1824
    Molecular Weight     82.1
    Boiling Point     - 46.1 °C
    Critical Temperature     82.7 °C
    Critical Pressure     4.76 Mpa
    Purity     ≥ 99.9 %
    Moisture     ≤ 10 PPm
    Acidity     ≤ 1 MMp
    Vapor Residue     ≤ 100 PPm


Refrigerant Gas

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