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Tubo de Cobre Pre - Aislado


ICEAGE supplies insulated copper tube set consists of seamless copper tube (Cu-DHP) with high quality insulation layer widely used for the installation of split air conditioners and refrigeration equipments.

Copper tubes are produced according to ASTM B-280 with the temper of soft annealed.

All sizes suitable for R 410a refrigerant and other high pressure refrigerants.


The insulation layer is made of cross linked foam polyethylene with closed cells. The insulation is covered with embossed polyethylene film to prevent the foam creasing.

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ICEAGE specially designed spiral section provides outstanding benefit of flexibility.

The tube set can be bended more easily even without bender tools during installation. Therefore the damage of bending can be properly prevented.



Copper Tube Size
Diameter x Thickness
  Single   1/4” x 0.8 mm  3 m, 4 m, 20 m

 or on request

 Brass nuts

 or cap

  Single   3/8” x 0.8 mm
  Single   1/2” x 0.8 mm
  Single   5/8” x 1.0 mm
  Single   3/4” x 1.0 mm
  Twin Pair   1/4” x 0.8 mm – 3/8” x 0.8 mm
  Twin Pair   1/4” x 0.8 mm – 1/2” x 0.8 mm
  Twin Pair   1/4” x 0.8 mm – 5/8” x 1.0 mm
  Twin Pair   3/8” x 0.8 mm – 1/2” x 0.8 mm
  Twin Pair   3/8” x 0.8 mm – 5/8” x 1.0 mm
  Twin Pair   3/8” x 0.8 mm – 3/4” x 1.0 mm
  Twin Pair   1/2” x 0.8 mm – 3/4” x 1.0 mm


Accesorios y Embalaje

Those two accessories combinations consist of necessary components that for the application of air conditioners installation.

Please contact ICEAGE sales team for detailed information.

ICEAGE insulated copper tubes and accessories come with individual pizza box.

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  Accesorios grupo 1


    a). Drain pipe
    b). PVC tape adhesive
    c). PVC tape non-adhesive
    d). Electrical wire
    e). Paste
    f). Insulation pad
    g). Peg
    h). Wall entry fitting
    i). Pipe tie



  Accesorios grupo 2


    a). Drain pipe
    b). Paste
    c). PVC tape non-adhesive
    d). Wall entry fitting
    e). Wire pipe.